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High-frequency betting on the next generation of cue sports

7BallRun™ allows your customers to bet on a new version of one of the world’s most popular sports. Played by a single professional, the player’s only aim is to pot all seven balls in order.

Punters can bet on markets such as whether the player will clear the table in order or miss a certain ball, using detailed statistics available 15 minutes before each game.

With all markets created and settled in-house, new bet cycles occur every four minutes and are streamed live. 7Ballrun™ can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and each match lasts two minutes on average.

Integrate 7BallRunnow and enrich your sportsbook with the purest form of cue sports.


Product Highlights

High-frequency betting with new bet cycles available every 4 minutes, 24 hours a day

The shielded enclosed area and additional security ensures the most betting-friendly billiards game

Extremely accurate statistics, with each pattern pre-tested and the results of each game encoded into the product’s algorithm

Punters can bet on a series of match related statistics for each game based on the player and the ball pattern

No workloads for bookmakers as all markets are created and settled in-house

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