The right tool to create an unparalleled customer experience

Having the right player management tools in place is crucial to ensure a truly unrivalled betting experience for your customers. It’s one of the most effective ways to create a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Our technologically-advanced Player Account Management (PAM) module provides you with the best insights into your customer’s betting behaviour. This creates opportunities to substantially increase your revenues.

All individual customer information and their activity across channels and products is available via a single player account, providing a 360-degree view supported by real-time data analysis. With this, you can drive a new level of player personalisation by tailoring activities more precisely to suit each individual customer.

The PAM module allows you to easily manage everything using the one central backend. This means you benefit from a high degree of process automation so your operations can run faster and more efficiently.

The PAM module also features a powerful and flexible Promotion and Bonus Solution and a fully integrated Payment Processing Solution.

Furthermore, the PAM solution can be provided either as a component of our powerful sportsbook and gaming platform or as a standalone solution, which can be independently integrated into any external platform.

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Benefit from

Full 360-degree view of your player’s activities – helping you to optimise decision making

Truly player-centric approach – allowing you to manage all actions across all channels and products within one central system

Optimised business results – thanks to real-time data analysis and execution of measures

Maximised operational performance – due to a high degree of process automation

PAM integrated components and features

Full player account management system

Promotion engine with special offer generator for fixed odds

Payment processing system with shared real-time wallet

Flexible configurator for responsible gaming and account compliance

CRM system with integrated KYC components

Configurable template-based customer notifications

Promotion and Bonus Solution

Developed with personalisation in mind

With our Promotion and Bonus solution you have access to a truly outstanding and fully flexible promotion system to help you redefine the success of your business.

Manage your activities on an individual player account base seamlessly across all channels, product verticals and jurisdictions from the one centralised system. Make dynamic marketing decisions based on advanced and meaningful analyses from real-time data through our technologically-advanced business intelligence system or directly from the transactional system.

The solution provides you with a huge variety of ready-to-launch real-time promotions at your fingertips. This includes registration and deposit bonuses, loyalty points, money back and other best-in-market options. Design your own automated promotions based on your player’s patterns and predefined events to create a whole new level of personalised betting experience.





Payment Processing Solution

Make it a safe bet

Our PAM module features one of the most secure, trustworthy and convenient payment systems available for complete peace of mind for you and your customers.

More than 30 global and local Payment Service Providers (PSP) are already integrated with the system. Additional integrations are also available on request, either via API or iFrame solution, directly to your front-end. Deposit, withdrawal and account checking processes are carried out at lightning-pace and with utmost accuracy to ensure an uninterrupted customer journey.

All payment streams are linked back to one shared wallet. From card processing and direct bank transfers to e-wallets and crypto currencies, the wallet displays all transactions across all channels and products in real time. The wallet also scales with your business activity and is a central feature across all in-house platform and third-party products, providing the one balance across all verticals and integrations.

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