The most powerful tool to help you take control of your business

Get a window into your customers’ lives with OptimaMGS™ BI.

It gives you real-time insights, and alerts you to any changes in trends. All your data is there when you need it – just choose whether you want to see it in tables, graphs, gauges, maps or tree-maps. And create KPIs to segment clients automatically.

BI supports the highest workloads without impacting the transactional database. So you know you’re in good hands.

Business Intelligence

What to expect

Analyse data in real time

No impact on the transactional database

See data in stunning displays that help you focus on the points that matter

Check your data on the move through the app

What you get

 Self-service data visualisation

 Easy-to-use ad hoc query and analysis

 Interactive dashboards

 Proactive detection and alerts

 Powerful geospatial mapping and visualisation

Interactive Dashboards

See your data in all its glory

You get a collection of interactive dashboards and reports, with a variety of visualisations.

Explore and filter your data. Right click for a host of more niche options. And set email or phone alerts to stay on top of any changes.

Plus your team can filter based on their identity, function, or role. And you can set security rules to give different employees different levels of access.

Mobile Analytics

Take your data with you

See your data dashboards, analyses, reports, scorecards, maps, alerts and more on our app. And give your team access too – with the same level of security you get on the website.

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