Welcome to the sportsbook of the future: ORAKO.

We’ve always led the way in delivering fast data. Always been first with new technology. Now we’re bringing you a world-beating sportsbook solution with everything built in.

It comes pre-loaded with our full betting portfolio, so you get all that power in one comprehensive solution. That’s everything from sports data and betting content, to omnichannel front-end products, to trading and marketing services. All natively merged from a single source.

And it’s fully flexible to adapt to your needs – no matter where you are in the world.

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6 key benefits for you

Always offer something to bet on

Give a smooth experience no matter the load of transactions

Bring your customers closer to the action

Let your customers bet wherever they want

Future-proof your sportsbook with the best managed services

Make your marketing budget work harder and smarter

Cater to your customers’ needs with the broadest portfolio available

There’s no other company that covers the same range of the sports betting spectrum – from data collection to the end user – with the depth of detail that we do. We’re talking about 900,000+ events per year across dozens of sports, with exclusive premier content in the mix. Plus, unrivalled engagement products with leading statistics, visualisations and audiovisual content to keep sports fans coming back for more. All available no matter where your customers find you, online or retail.

Let us take the strain so you can take care of business

Benefit from a flexible managed service where we’ll take care of as many of your daily sportsbook operations as you need us to, from trading and risk management to compliance and technology support. We’re here to share our know-how and expertise as your partner so we can meet your needs and deliver the best results.

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Supercharge your performance

Having the right sportsbook technology in place is crucial for a truly smooth and stable betting experience. Powered by the latest AI and Machine learning technologies, ORAKO’s platform offers fast and reliable service no matter how many customers, transactions or events you have going at the same time. ORAKO allows you to scale and deliver seamless data in real time, so you’ll always be in the game.

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Easily integrate a world-class sportsbook

ORAKO is quick and easy to integrate in any Player Account Management system, so you can benefit from a world-class sportsbook fast. Plus it’s already available in a number of the industry’s leading PAM platforms – just choose the one that suits you best.

What our customers say

See how Norsk Tipping, Norway’s state lottery, achieved record growth with ORAKO.

After choosing ORAKO they’ve seen growth skyrocket by 17% – comparing user numbers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to the 2018 tournament. And they’ve hit three all-time highs in monthly gross gaming revenue and margin.

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