American Leagues Service

Increase the excitement of your sportsbook with US College Sports!

Betradar’s American Leagues Service is the perfect add-on to our existing range of US sports – providing you with comprehensive coverage of US college games for American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey and Baseball.

By receiving accurate and reliable fixtures along with odds suggestions and results directly from Betradar – at the same high level of quality that you are used to from our Pre-Match Odds Service – you’ll be able to quickly boost your sportsbook.


American Monitoring Service

Stay closer to the market trend and keep your odds competitive!

Betradar’s American Monitoring Service provides enhanced monitoring of the US market’s pre-match odds. Designed as the perfect add-on to our existing monitoring tool, which lets you compare odds from your own list of bookmakers, you can now compare with pre-match odds of the leading Las Vegas casinos. Thus, your traders can easily see when a market trend is happening in real time.


 American Leagues and American Monitoring Service

Product highlights


American Leagues Service

American Monitoring Service

Complete service from a single source for your American sports pre-match betting offer

Comprehensive monitoring service of 6,000+ matches per year

Comprehensive coverage of all major US college sports

Identify market trends from the leading US casinos in real-time

Easy launch or extension of your existing pre-match betting offer

Monitor all relevant Pre-Match Odds data at a glance


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