Instant highlights bring customers right back to the action

Every sport has the potential for magic moments, and now you can share them instantly with your customers.

Live Channel Promotion (LCP) will help you to cater a young generation of sports fans: Digital natives which are used to getting served “bite-sized” video content.


 Live Streaming Brochure

How does LCP work?

1. Our Computer Vision program uses artificial intelligence to instantly identify highlights during live sports events

2. Short video clips are automatically pulled into your online sportsbook or mobile app.

3. Push notifications alert the customers you want to target – directing them to the live stream (and live bets) on your website or in your app.

What you’ll get

Engaging video clips (Highlights of 5-10 seconds) instantly and automatically created during live sports events by computer vision programs


Customers can be alerted right away with push notifications to bring them back to the respective live stream and live bets on your website/app


Clips from live events of partners such as Bundesliga, NHL, Copa Libertadores, Copa America, and many more leagues, tournaments, and sports

Integrate the technology quickly and easily into your existing set-up


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