Sports video clips to promote your betting offer

Capturing the attention of your audience from the moment they visit your website or shop is critical to converting them to customers.

With Betradar’s Live Channel Promotion (LCP), you can select from a broad range of ready-made and highly engaging Sports clips, boost interest in your betting offer and drive additional revenues.


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Key product features

LCP is an advertising video product that complements your existing live stream product


Fast and easy integration via Betradar’s AV Video Player; your own video player or a third-party software


Videos are available in two clip categories. Please scroll down for details and examples

Sports clips that website visitors can view before they register for a new account or log in to an existing one

Choose from two different clip categories

Click on the thumbnails below to watch examples of each category.
Hundreds of clips are produced throughout each year, so you always can inform and engage your punters with up to date and relevant promotional videos. Please use the contact form at the end of this page to request details about packages and prices.

Mixed Sports Clips: Footage from different sports is compiled into one video clip to match your diverse live streaming offer. As you can see from the example below the texts in the clips will be translated according to your requirements.

Sports-Specific Clips: Clips in this category can focus on one type of sport, a particular sports tournament, several matches of an upcoming matchday, or even highlight one specific upcoming match.

Benefits for you

Convince new website visitors to register and become customers by teasing the live stream inventory on your sportsbook


Retain customers by sparking interest in specific upcoming matches with up-to-date, relevant promotional clips


Boost awareness of your live streams and live betting offers among existing bettors to drive up their betting volume


Entertain your customers and increase the time they spend on your website



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