Promote your live streams with ready-made video clips

Our Live Channel Promotion (LCP) video clips boost awareness of your landing page and increase interest in your entire betting and streaming offering – even before a visitor to your online sportsbook registers for an account or logs in!
Engage your clients from the first second and announce upcoming sport events in the most eye-catching way, by including ready-made and easy-to-integrate clips of specific sports on your website’s sub-pages.

Product Highlights

Boosts awareness for the live streams in your sportsbook


Engages punters from the first second they spend on your website


Hundreds of up-to-date clips available throughout the year

Sport specific as well as Mixed Sports clips in every product package

Footage from top sport events and leagues


Promotional clips with footage from sport events around the globe

The core of LCP is aggregated value sport clips from some of the most popular sports in our live streaming portfolio. The Mixed Sports Clips are produced up to four times each week.

You can also target certain segments with LCP by selecting from hundreds of up-to-date Sport Specific Clips, which are dedicated to certain sports, and compiled with highlights from some of the world’s best leagues and tournaments.

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