Live Channel Trading

Traders are only as good as the information they’re working with

So give yours the quickest streams, using the fastest available signal, so they’ll always outpace the competition. You’ll get the top US leagues (NBA, MLB, NHL)
and much more through ultra-low latency streams.

All matches in this offering are transmitted via our in-house developed Video Delivery Network (VDN), a renowned back-end live video streaming system that provides audiovisual game feeds up to eight seconds faster than any TV broadcaster. Use Live Channel Trading in combination with the Live Channel Online, or our data solutions, and benefit to the fullest.

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 Live Streaming Brochure

What you’ll get

Unparalleled signal speed

Transmission via our own VDN

An extra layer of security compared to trading based on data only

An additional source of information that’s independent of any data feed


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