The market-leading Virtual Football Solution

Virtual Football combines the latest in 3D visualisation with an extensive betting offering. Just as in real football. Virtual Football comes with several competition formats to choose from, all of which are based on popular real competitions.

The league format features 16 teams, 240 fixtures per season, 30 match days and 8 games in parallel. The World Cup contains 32 teams, 64 matches and 1,000+ betting opportunities. The Euro Cup is played by 24 European national teams, playing a total of 51 matches. Other product variants are the Nations Cup, the Asian Cup and, the latest addition to our product portfolio Virtual Football Champions Cup (32 teams, 100+ matches) which features the cities with the top European clubs such as Liverpool, Barcelona, Munich or Madrid.

All pre-match odds are offered via short and adjustable bet cycles.



Virtual Sports Demonstrator


Several competition formats to choose from, all available on-demand & via one integration

High-frequency betting with short and adjustable bet cycles

Outright bets, multiples and form-based pricing

Offering 1,000+ betting opportunities per competition


Available for every channel

Virtual Football is available and optimised for every channel – online,terminal, mobile and retail. Integrated by 180+ bookmakers, live on 500+ websites and running in 10,000+ retail outlets. Clients benefit from an authentic betting experience wherever they are.

Easy and quick to deploy as well as fully customisable (advertising integration, languages, colours, fonts, frames, team and player names). Virtual Football is a leading solution designed to fulfill all your needs across every channel.

Values of our retail version

 Optimised for retail operations with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces

 Choose between default set-up or control all in-screen composition and broadcasting times yourself

 Superior betting experience for up to 4 Full HD screens (resolution of 1920×1080)

 Also available as one or two screen terminal solution (resolution of 1280×1024)

 Widget system and scheduler gives each client the option to personalise the product to each shop and screens



Product Showcase





Pitch view


Stadium view


Retail Screen

Virtual Football Champions Cup

In real-life football, 32 of Europe’s top football clubs every September begin to battle each other on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the group phase of their elite tournament. After a knock-out phase, the event culminates in a big Final in late May or early June when the ‘Champion of Champions’ gets the trophy.

Our latest Virtual Football product, Virtual Football Champions Cup, is sure to give your punters the excitement of this tournament all year, without any summer break, while providing 24/7 betting opportunities! It has great potential to boost your revenues.

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