Manage your sportsbook even faster and more efficient

Betradar Ctrl is a new bookmaker system designed to meet the increasing challenges of bookmakers to be faster and more effective in their operations. The system that has been developed in close coordination with our customers provides a full suite of the most wanted features, and zero that are non-essential.

In fact, two critical factors shaped its entire development: speed and control. Combined with our equally new Unified Odds Feed, Betradar Ctrl is the fastest system in the market in regards to odds delivery, comparison, change and processing.

The future proven modular design and slick user interface allows for fast and seamless integration of new services and features.

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Betradar Ctrl        Unified Odds Feed

Product Highlights


Game changing bookmaking platform – make match specific configurations and instantly modify the odds

Future-proof software architecture – built with the future in mind, new features can easily be incorporated

Accelerated data handling – new lightning-fast odds extraction techniques provide real time updates for quick comparison and alerting

Optimised data feed – works in conjunction with Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed, simplifying integration and maintenance

Intuitive interface – simple and efficient navigation saves you time

Single-Sign-On Access – through our SSO log in you can use both platforms, and Ctrl in parallel. As Ctrl is developed step by step, you can benefit from features in both systems until we lay to rest.

Most valuable new features of Betradar Ctrl

Betradar Ctrl is characterised by a variety of new and improved features, all focused on the same goals: providing maximum efficiency, minimal effort and highest comfort.



Odds Control

Trade all of your odds and modify your settings within seconds, without switching the menu or moving into your own system.

  • Trade all your odds in one intuitive and comprehensive interface
  • See whether odds changes would trigger issues before actually confirming the change
  • Suspend individual markets or events quickly and change your margins on the spot
  • Only one second from the execution of manually odds changes until they are displayed at your front-end


Monitoring Overview & Match Up

Betradar’s widely used monitoring has been overhauled and its main elements integrated into one overall monitoring section that you rarely have to leave – enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Quickly compare to your selected competitors whose odds are combined to generate the all new intelligent average
  • Compare with the all new weighted average
  • Navigate easily between different events thanks to various quick filters and a smart “search” tool
  • Web browser-like tabs, enabling you to create customised trader boards for your daily duty
  • Alert score with warning colours to quickly identify event that need attention
  • Coloured odds indications that demonstrate which odds are moving and in which direction




Ctrl offers you an immense variety of configuration options, which are unique in their flexibility. With just a few clicks and the help of pre-defined or self-created templates, you can adjust your entire amount of odds and events, even if they are running, and thus, saving a remarkable span of time.

  • Configure your publication time, odds keys, granularity and bet-offer range on a timeline towards the kick off
  • Adjust your margins by spreading your percentage across the outcomes of key markets as you want
  • Manage multiple outcomes on a bespoke basis (number of outcomes, odds range, granularity of outcomes)
  • Set up as many templates as you want on each sports, with categories and leagues added by your requirements – or set up match-specific templates for special events”
  • Configure weighted bookmaker lists, reflecting the competitions you want to focus on
  • Track every odds movement within our archive, including where the change originated and in what direction the odds moved

Ctrl – feature table

Betradar Ctrl will be available in two versions. The standard Ctrl package includes almost all features from the current interface, as well as a variety of new and improved features. Provided in a new sophisticated look-and-feel platform, which boasts superior speed and efficiency, the system will replace in the near future.

Ctrl+ is an advanced version, which offers clients the ability to experience even more industry purpose-built features. These features are available via different bundle and can be booked according to bookmaker’s business focus and requirements.

SSO Single-Sign-On to and Ctrl Users are logged in both systems simultaneously and use Betradar as a “backup” while you learn how to use the new Ctrl system
Monitoring Monitoring Overview User interface to monitor Events and Markets
Monitoring Tabs Set up tabs to organize multiple tournaments
Alerts Alerting Console (Supervision) Alert board to check all alerted events
Intelligent Average & New Alerting New market odds average calculation considers your own odds key and bookmaker weights
Weighted Bookmaker List Configure weights for bookmakers on all levels to give them different impact.
Improved Market Odds Data Import Faster import of odds from bookmakers across the full Betradar customer pool
Total Alert Score Scheme Easily see events that require your attention
User Tracking on Alert Interaction Record user interactions on alert handling in an event log tool
Real-Time Alerting During an odds change simulation you are alerted before you save your change
Odds Control Prematch Manual Pre-Match Odds Control Deviate from the Betradar odds by disconnecting from the feed updates.
Manual Odds Key Change for Event Change the odds key for each market of one event
Publish and Suspend Events Quickly suspend individual markets or events within Ctrl
Semi-Automated Odds Control Deviate from the Betradar odds but keep a factor relation to the Betradar odds updates
Configuration Key Configuration Per Tournament Configure odds keys for each tournament
Bet Offer Activation System Activate tournaments, change configuration templates and set alert factors for each tournament
Template Configuration Concept Configure your tournaments in group wise within templates
Outrights Key Per Participant Configure dynamic odds keys on dynamic number of participants in outrights
Configurable Settlement Rules Decide how to settle your events on abandonments and walk overs
Unified Pre-match and Live Configuration Events can be configured for Pre-match and Live events in one combined Ctrl Interface
Time Dynamic Market Keys Change market keys over a time line to strengthen the quality and aggressiveness of your offer towards the kick off
Time Dynamic Bet Offer Publication Program the time when a market should be published
Time Dynamic Bet Offer Range Change the number of lines and their granularity on a time line extend your offer towards the kick off
Single Event Configuration Apply a configuration template on only a single event to apply special configurations with one click.
Margin Adjustment Deviate from Betradar odds via the margin distributed on the outcomes. Go lower and higher on Totals, Home, Away, Favorites by configuration
Archive Controllable Odds History Check your historical odds sent out via the Unified Feed
Backfeed Odds History History of your own odds imported via your backfeed to us (soon available in Ctrl)
Interaction History Track actions and changes during the lifetime of your event and delivers widespread data for analytics before and after kick off
Content Creation Early Odds Creation Publish odds of an existing fixture without Betradar odds being (yet) available. Later the event is taken over by Betradar odds suggestion again.
Outright Creation Create customized outright events and markets for your special bet offer needs
Event/Match Creation Traders can create fixtures which do not (yet) exist in the Betradar feed and offer their own odds.
Market Creation Traders can create/add additional markets for an existing event
Resulting In-Play Results for Pre-Match Settlement Pre-match events can be settled by in-play results if the account has booked the live match
Manual Resulting of Events/Matches Traders can manually result events if results are missing or need to be altered due to regulation reasons
Manual Bets and Time Frame Cancellation Traders can cancel all bets of an event, a particular market and rollback the result. Traders can also cancel only a time frame of an event or a market
Live New Live Booking Calendar Traders book your live bet offer in a state of the art new interface
New Live Data Client The new designed Live Data Client, replacement of the Live Scout Client, with significant more view layouts and many more new features
Live Odds Control – Betpal Control the odds of your live matches or create your own live odds content with state of the art trading tools and odds models. Betpal is an extra package!
Support New Live Chat Support The Live Chat provides you direct and faster contact with our support and also includes a Wiki where you key search through user manual for instant help
Help Click Videos Multiple videos guide you through all functionalities and give you fast information and intuitive information how to use Ctrl


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