Top reasons to use the new AV API

For all betting operators who use live streams from Betradar to engage their punters – we’ve got some good news.

The new future-proof access point to the largest streaming portfolio in the industry is now ready: Betradar’s new AudioVisual API

The benefits of the new AV API

Easy authentication process
We removed the need to implement a JSON Web Token generation and now use Bearer tokens instead.

Unified API for all AV products
The new “events API endpoint” returns all event bookings (booked via the Live Booking Calendar or an automatic booking process) for each AV product. Additional API endpoints for contents, products, distributions and more are available now.

Additional filter options
We now support more filter parameters for the new “events API endpoint” with even more parameters to come.

Consistent ID scheme for metadata
The API supports the company-wide approach of a unified, consistent URN-style ID scheme (i.e., usage of the same teamIDs or tournamentIDs as in Sportradar’s Live Data and Odds Feeds).

Support of Video on Demand
To serve our customers’ needs we will distribute Video on Demand content in the future.

Future-proof, flexible design
The new AudioVisual API and its new concept of AudioVisual events provides more flexibility and clarity, access to more content, and support for a better data structure.

Why you should start integrating the new AV API now

The sooner you start using the new API the faster you can enjoy all of its benefits.

There is another important reason not to wait with the implementation: Soon we will shut down the Legacy Live Channel Online API and focus exclusively on enhancements and support for the new AudioVisual API.

To ensure a smooth transition, start now.

What you need to do to be able to use it

Please familiarise yourself with our updated AudioVisual API integration documentation for technical details.

And feel free to contact the AV- Integration team (e-mail: for any questions regarding this topic.

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