Betradar launches Ice Hockey Live Match Tracker 3.0

Betradar is pleased to announce the launch of its Ice Hockey Live Match Tracker 3.0 (LMT 3.0) – a state-of-the-art sports media and betting solution packed with a host of new features.

As well as statistics and head-to-head data, the LMT 3.0 is fully customisable and includes a puck location visualisation option – making it an attractive prospect for any sports media or betting portfolio eager to explore and expand odds integration or sponsorship options.

With both the Kontinental Hockey League and various European hockey leagues due to begin over the coming months, followed by the start of the Washington Capitals’ NHL title defence in October, Sportradar, as the NHL’s official data provider, caught up with the LMT’s Product Owner, Natasa Pristovsek to find out more.

Natasa, can you explain the new elements included in the new LMT 3.0 for ice hockey?

The Ice Hockey Live Match Tracker 3.0 is the next iteration building on our LMT 2.0 solution. As well as completely redesigning the tracker, we’ve also added a lot of cool new features like puck location visualisation, which will give users a clear idea of where the puck is located at all times during a match.

We’ve also included a wide-ranging set of match statistics, customisation options, in-event advertising and odds integration, making it the perfect solution for both sports media and betting customers.

Clients also have the option of the LMT Plus edition, which gives them a complete package of match information including head-to-head information, standings, statistics, match timeline, momentum information and the scoreboard.

When you combine all these elements with features such as goal animations and scalability, we’re sure the new Ice Hockey LMT 3.0 will form crucial a part of our clients’ portfolios.

What aspects of the product are you most excited about and what can clients and their customers expect to gain from them?

Clients can expect visually stimulating on-pitch visualisation that will complement their sports media offering while those in the betting industry can be assured that their punters have the optimum knowledge and confidence when it comes to placing their bets.

Which features are generally considered most important by clients?

In our experience, our Live Match Tracker clients really focus on speed, a broad level of coverage, reliable data and in-depth match information, which, as we know, helps extend session times and engagement.

With location data playing a bigger role than ever in ice hockey, how important is it that Betradar’s Live Match Tracker is up-to-date?

Technology supporting positional data, such as player tracking, coupled with puck location visualisations, in real time is only now starting to emerge. So, I’m proud to say that not many competitive products are able to offer anything remotely close to our comprehensive location visualisation features. They provide users with a really clear idea of what is happening in the game and how close their favourite team, or the team they’re backing, is to scoring.

Find out more about the Ice Hockey LMT 3.0 here via the Betradar website.

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