Betradar takes a stand at ICE

For several years, the world’s leading international sports and betting-related data services provider has held a well-attended spot at the world’s most important gathering anywhere in gaming.

And in 2018, Betradar is back again, bigger and better for another edition of ICE. This year, with a two-storey stand complete with an esports hub, 360 degree one-stop betting shop, gamification port and a special Novomatic section, following the recent partnership announcement between the two betting and gaming heavyweights. The stand remains a must-see for those attending the ExCEL Centre this week.

A number of Betradar representatives will be in attendance at the stand (S1-150), including Head of esports, James Watson, who will be drawing upon his extensive expertise, knowledge and passion of the sector to give a number of presentations across the three-day event.

Those savvy about football are encouraged to visit the stand and participate in the World Cup quiz, with three international team jerseys to be won each day.

The stand also houses a number of meeting rooms and areas where guests can meet to discuss and view demonstrations of what Managing Director of Betting and Gaming, Warren Murphy describes as the industry’s most comprehensive offering of betting and gaming solutions.

Warren, who will also be in attendance at ICE this year, recently sat down to shine a light on the range of Betradar’s products and services and what he is looking forward to exploring with current and prospective clients at the stand in 2018.

SR (Sportradar): What are some of the key products or services that people can find out about at the Betradar stand?

WM (Warren Murphy): One area of focus will be our Managed Trading Services (MTS), which, within a two-year period, we have developed from being a start-up offering to now managing the risk for over 100 operators of all sizes and from all parts of the world. In my mind, it’s the most flexible service of risk management available because it’s modular and very flexible in order to meet any operator’s specific needs. It’s not a ‘you must take everything’ type of service – you can select customer management or ticket management or risk management, in any combination, or you can take it all. The margin performance is very strong in the marketplace and, as a result, we have seen fantastic take-up of the service. It is world class.

The other product that I’m very pleased with, and that has also really powered along in the last two years is our Premium Cricket Service (PCS). It is very unique in the market. We brought in the Coverpoint Analytics team because we believed in the power of cricket as a global sport, and that is proving itself by the amount of interest we’ve received from operators across the globe. It offers, by far, the greatest coverage of cricket matches, the greatest range of pricing, and is the fastest to update, the lowest on suspension time and, we believe, the best in margin performance. From the feedback we’ve received from our clients, it really seems to be delivering very strong financial results.

These two products are perfect for operators who are looking at how they might change their service, improve their performance or bring in greater efficiencies. Outside of our core product range, these are some of the exciting things I’m looking forward to discussing at ICE.

SR: What impact do you expect the FIFA World Cup to have on discussions and offerings?

WM: For a number of years we’ve supplied a very very good World Cup Centre, and we continue to build and refine that each year. Like all of our products, it is a comprehensive one-stop shop with everything that an operator might need to be able to maximise the World Cup opportunity. So it features all the fixtures, prices, resulting, plus all of the statistics that surround the tournament, all of the live-score information and visualisation products to bring the action to life, as well as a whole host of special markets.

Even when the World Cup games aren’t on, we’ve got mythical games taking place, so there’s still something to entertain customers when there is a pause in the action. We’re also about to release a new Virtual Football World Cup edition at ICE this year.

So, whether it’s live, fictitious or virtual, we truly have the World Cup covered. Obviously, most operators have been planning for it already by now, but for those who haven’t, or simply have gaps to fill, we can help them complete their World Cup offer.

SR: The company won a few awards at the end of last year for streaming and esports supplier of the year. What has been the secret to those successes from your point of view?

WM: As a company we work very hard at understanding what operators need, what will work in the market and then concentrate on developing really high-quality products. We don’t cut corners.

In the context of esports, for example, we cover all the main games and tournaments. But there’s actually certain events that we won’t cover due to issues with integrity or latency – anything that translates to losses or damage for operators. We believe it’s better to offer quality rather than just quantity. This philosophy underpins everything we do and I think this is why we have built up such a respected esports service.

We have a similar clear philosophy for streaming. We work with clients to understand their needs and we focus on delivering a first-class product, offering visual clarity, speed and content accuracy. We also work strategically to ensure that our portfolio is end to end, delivering exciting content to all our clients 24 hours a day. As a result, we have been able to build the largest AV portfolio for the betting industry.

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Betradar ICE 2018 stand

Betradar’s two-storey stand at ICE 2018


The stand will this year feature a special Novomatic gaming section after our recent partnership announcement


Plenty of screens for demonstrations, plus refreshments


Meeting rooms for clients to discuss opportunities with Betradar representatives


Waiting and demo areas upstairs


Betting shop and esports hub


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