Sportradar offers sports federations full support to stamp out match-fixing in sports


Sportradar Security Services welcome the investigation carried out by Europol and the Bochum investigators in relation to match-fixing in football. “It is not a surprise to us the magnitude of the figures disclosed during Europol’s press conference in The Hague this Monday” said Andreas Krannich, Managing Director of Integrity and Strategy at Sportradar.

Since 2004, Sportradar Security Services have been working tirelessly with sports federations in their battle against sports betting related manipulation.

In association with UEFA, the unique Betting Fraud Detection System (BFDS) was developed. The BFDS monitors all aspects of the global betting market, with coverage of over 300 bookmakers worldwide and in excess of 53,000 matches per year. The BFDS is the only sophisticated system with the capacity and ability to successfully monitor this vast volume of matches and identify those that display irregular betting patterns.

Over 100 million data sets are processed every day to assure that all betting movements worldwide are recorded and no important item of information is overlooked. A comprehensive database stores this match information which forms a vital tool to assist in the lengthy investigations that follow.

Sportradar Security Services are committed to this mission together with sports federations to combat match-fixing and are ready and willing to cooperate even closer with law enforcement agencies such as Europol to furnish them with all possible information to tackle this increasing threat to sport.


About Sportradar Security Services

Sportradar Security Services works with major sports federations including the German Football Association (DFB), German Football League (DFL), Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT) to identify matches that are suspected of being manipulated. The BFDS monitors odds at over 300 bookmakers around the world, with 25 highly-qualified trading analysts overseeing in excess of 53,000 matches per year, to investigate suspicious betting patterns around the clock.


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