10 benefits of our new Audio Visual Player

To complement the largest streaming portfolio in the industry, Betradar offers the only video player specifically designed to meet the needs of bookmakers. The product has been developed based on our years of experience in the betting industry and with input from bookmakers around the globe.

The benefits of Betradar’s AV Video Player

1. HTML-5 Player with broad format support
You receive one dedicated player for all necessary video streaming formats across any desktop and mobile browser, including HLS, MPEG-DASH, WebRTC, RTMP and MP4.

2. Always up to date
As the AV Video Player Core is hosted by Betradar, you will always have the latest version – updates are automatic.

3. No extra costs
The AV Video Player comes with Betradar’s streaming offer at no extra cost.

4. Improved customisation
Player skins can be customised and you can integrate your company logo as a graphic overlay.

5. Multi language support and custom error messaging
The AV Video Player supports multiple languages, including customised error messages.

6. Autoplay management
Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, overwrite autoplay settings. The AV Video Player manages this so that your pre-defined autoplay settings remain unchanged.

7. Responsive layout
The AV Video Player adapts to any screen size to always provide an optimal user experience.

8. Flexible player control
If you need to directly interact with the AV Video Player, the JavaScript API gives you full player control.

9. One for all
The AV video player is perfectly integrated into Betradar’s production workflows. Nevertheless, it can be used to play content from any source – ensuring you can use it for all your live streams and on demand videos.

10. Future-proof, flexible design
Based on the new codebase, additional features will be included in the future to support new services.

What do you need to use it?

The product is available to all Betradar streaming clients. You can read our AV Video Player documentation for technical details.

Our documentation wiki can be accessed by using your Single Sign-on credentials (SSO). If you don’t have any credentials, please contact our Support team. Feel free to contact our Integration Team for any additional questions regarding this topic.

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