Totolotek calls on Betradar to deliver first virtual sports betting offer in Poland

Łódź Reds, Warsaw Military and Gdynia Herrings are just some names of teams debuting in the virtual Premier League, designed for those who enjoy betting on football game results. Intralot’s Totolotek is the first regulated bookmaker in Poland to make betting on virtual sports events available to customers, with simulations of football matches, dog racing and horse racing. Organization of this type of betting has been made possible by an amendment to Gambling Law, some provisions of which became effective in April.

Certain provisions of an amendment to Gambling Law passed on 15 December 2016 came into force on 1 April. They make it possible to organize bets on virtual events, which are a simulation of sports games. Each team or player taking part in these games have their own statistics, features, unique skills and a record of previous games.

“Betting on virtual sports events is increasingly popular in other countries, and has been available for many years. In Poland, betting on such events was made possible by the provisions of the amended Gambling Law, effective since April” says Adam Lamentowicz, CEO at Totolotek. “We believe that this kind of gaming will be of great interest to our customers. It is fast and much more accessible than betting on real games. We have put a lot of work into making the simulations as realistic and elaborate as possible, and placed a lot of data inside so as to enable players to analyze possible results” he adds.

Totolotek is the first regulated bookmaker in Poland to introduce virtual event betting. The offering is powered by Betradar, who are a global leader in developing and delivering virtual betting and other bookmaker business solutions. Speaking about the partnership, Neale Deeley, MD Virtual Gaming at Betradar added: “We are really excited to launch with Totolotek. Punters around the world place millions of bets on Betradar virtual sports every week and now punters in Poland can enjoy the same thrilling experience.

Details of ongoing virtual games and bets offered by Totolotek are displayed on screens at sales outlets, and soon also on Totoloteks’s website. Initially, simulations include virtual football clubs, horse races and dog races. In May, simulations of games played by national teams will be made available too. Totolotek is also working to introduce betting on virtual basketball and tennis.

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