The best line-up for your sportsbook

For Bookmakers, now is the perfect time to shape their line-up of products for the World Cup and create a sportsbook that will boost revenues before and throughout the tournament. Benefit from Betradar’s World Cup products for your sportsbook and choose a successful line-up of products.

New and special markets for all 64 matches and Mythical Match-ups create an extra level of betting excitement. With player performance bets, the betting experience is lifted onto a personal level. While BetAds and Cards support your customers acquisition, Virtual Football – World Cup offers your customers 1,000+ betting opportunities per competition running on a 24/7 basis. Ultimately, a dedicated World Cup Centre provides all necessary in-depth statistics and information your customers need to place the next bet.



World Cup Centre

Sports entertainment at its best!

Focusing on user engagement and social media integration, Betradar’s dedicated World Cup Centre is a second-to-none entertainment solution, which provides your customers with in-depth and graphically enhanced live content for all 64 matches.

  • Boosted match visualisation including new ball tracking and on-pitch animations
  • Deeper statistics than ever before for teams and players
  • Versatile bet-promotion options via overlays




New Pre-Match and Live Odds markets

The hottest betting markets available!

Increase your sportsbook content with a broad range of new, exciting markets for the most important soccer event in the world. Betradar provides hundreds of attractive markets, including over 30 outrights and – most recently – Rapid Markets.

  • Incredible number of exciting Pre-Match and Live Odds markets – including interval and player related markets
  • Leading edge mathematical Pre-Match and Live Odds models traded by our in-house experts to ensure the sharpest odds in the industry
  • World leading betting integrity monitoring service to further enhance price quality



Mythical Match-Ups

Offer blockbuster fixtures every single day!

Enhance your sportsbook with odds on fantasy matches for the most interesting teams at the World Cup, and thus, provide your customers with an extra level of betting excitement.

  • Generate extra interest for your customers as the best teams competing virtually with other international teams
  • The most thrilling fixtures imaginable – every single match day
  • Vast amount of pre-match markets, including over 50 special side bets



Player Markets

Betting on player performances!

Let your customers bet on an extensive range of performance related markets for their favourite players. Player Markets includes the odds outcomes “over/under” as well as “at least”. All markets are based on statistics such as goals, shots on goals, passes or tackles.

  • Covering all teams in all 64 matches at the World Cup
  • 600+ player-performance markets on 20+ players each match
  • Sharpest prices thanks to leading edge mathematical odds models



Virtual Football – World Cup

Guaranteed turnover driver for your business!

Virtual Football – World Cup is the turnover driver for your sportsbook. It comes packed with all main betting markets, including outrights, multiples and dynamic pricing. Your customers will enjoy this authentic special edition of Virtual Football that offers 24/7 betting with short bet cycles.

  • 1,000+ betting opportunities per competition, all main markets available including multiples
  • 32 national teams
  • 63 matches




The innovative way to get new customers!

BetAds is a smart tool that supports bookmakers in their customer acquisition, combining engaging live content with different betting stimulation features to trigger the user’s decision to place a bet.

  • Dynamic Advertising – combining live sports content with your own call-to-action message
  • Support Betting Decision – showing users win probabilities on potential outcomes
  • Stimulate Betting – providing users with potential winnings on given stakes




Increase your reach through social channels and drive traffic to your site!

Give sports fans what they want, when they want it – real-time updates with bite-size infographics. Cards allows you to automate social media content and drive traffic back to your website.

  • Entertain fans with match content before, during and after the match
  • Promote social media engagement by posting directly from your Facebook or Twitter account
  • Increase mobile traffic with a format optimised for smartphones


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